Educational Innovator's Message


Prof. (Dr) B.L. Handoo

Educational Innovator


Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”– John Dewey. I feel elated to learn that The International Delhi Public School is opening at Akhnoor. This is going to be a School committed to Holistic Education and catering to Integral and all-around development of the personality of our students. The IDPS is going to offer a creative, caring, innovation, Stress- free and harmonious learning environment for children. It is going to Impart quality education through opportunities to discover, explore and experiment with hand – on material, a lively curriculum which is practical in approach, innovative methods in teaching, scholarly in content and global in scope. The school will be developing communication skills to enable the children to express their thoughts and feelings fluently and in a confident manner and create opportunity for learning life skills: Thinking, Social and emotional. The School will give the children firm roots of Indian Culture and teach them to soar in the sky and prepare them for the global challenges. Rooted in Indian Values they will be trained to develop a modern, global outlook. The School is going to have an excellent faculty, spacious and ergonomically designed furniture in an aesthetic building and spacious classrooms. The School will have Clubs, Houses, Activity Centers, STEM Lab, Language lab and varied international facilities for sports. Quality is going to be a journey and I am sure we will all take this journey together for the sake and future of our children. Our focus is going to be on prepare future citizens who are good HUMAN BEINGS, My best wishes to the School management and faculty.