Author and Value Ideator's Message


Mr. Ashok Pandey

Author & Value Ideator


Despite the enormous progress that India has made in spreading the reach of education, a vast population of our young children still do not have the access to quality education. If the children do not get educated, it deprives the country of a bright future. We suffer from lack of prosperity, quality life, and the formation of human capital in the absence of assured quality education. In this context, the establishment of The International Delhi Public School in Akhnoor by a dedicated and passionate group of individuals is an excellent news. The UT of Jammu and Kashmir, and the Akhnoor region, especially, has unique geography, culture, and polity. One and all should welcome a sincere effort in shaping the future of young children from this part of the country. There is no dearth of schools. There is a shortage of centres of excellence. It would be a challenge and responsibility for IDPS to distinguish itself in imparting, joyful, relevant and value-based education. I am sure that people behind this project are sensitive to these needs. With lofty vision and core values that the management of IDPS espouses, a very refreshing chapter in education will add in this region. The imperatives of a good school are modern, infrastructure, committed, and well-trained faculty is a social and moral purpose and transparent and accountable management. I am happy that The IDPS management possesses these core ingredients. I sincerely hope that the students and parents in Akhnoor will look forward to a new school coming up with excitement. My best wishes to the management, principal, staff, students and parents and all the stakeholders of IDPS.